Marble Tiles rectified BARDIGLIO Grey

Quarried in Italy's Tuscany region, BARDIGLIO is a fine-grained, deep grey with blueish cloudy marble. With wide range in both color and veining, BARDIGLIO is a classic marble perfect for floors and walls

  • Type of stone: Marble
  • Finishing: polished or honed
  • Thickness: 1 cm
  • Standard Sizes: 30,5x30,5 - 30,5x61 - 61x61 cm
  • Country of origin: Italy
  • Weight: 28 Kg/sqm
  • Uniformity: uniform
  • Application: interior exteriors mild clima

Price per sqm

67.50 €

Do you like to order a sample ? Simply fill in the information form below and we will send you single sample pieces 10x10 cm free of charge. The only price you would have to pay is that of a small 15 € shipping charge ( max. 5 Kg )