NERO MARQUINIA Tumbled Marble Tiles

Nero Marquinia tumbled: black Spanish natural marble.

type of stone: Marble
sample finishing: tumbled
sawing direction: vein cut
Country of origin: Spain / Italy
uniformity: uniform
application: int/ext mild clima
Volumetric weight : 2680 Kg/m3
Compression strength : 1647 Kg/cm2
Bending strength : 110 Kg/cm2
Abrasion resistance : 0,58 mm
Absorption : 0,2 % by weight
Coeff. thermal expansion : 0,0089 mm./m. oC

Price per sqm , incl. VAT


40.30 €
Marquiña Black is a deep black marble with distinctive white veining pattern , extracted from Spanish quarries. This natural stone is crossed by irregular white and light grey veining, more or less marked, with diagonal tendency, detail that gives to this stone an original and elegant look.
Nero Marquiña is a versatile material that may be applied in different types of projects intended for both interior and exterior spaces ad stairs, floorings, pool, columns and fireplaces facings, countertops and luxurious bathroom shower plates and elements. Moreover, Nero Marquiña marble can be used in combination with other marbles, best is white or grey, natural stones that underline and highlight this marble's natural beauty.